Dance club Harmony

If you ask anyone in Dnipro: "What is the best dance hall in your city?" - everyone will undoubtedly answer: "Well, of course,”Harmony!" And this is true: “Harmony” is a place created by dancers for the same fans of different types of dance art. Everything is thought out from the smallest thing here. There are all conditions for convenience and comfort for people who are in love with dance. A special floor will pet your feet, an effective air-conditioning system will keep you cool on hot summer nights, professional lighting will be pleasing to your eyes and sound equipment will allow DJs the opportunity to convey all their musical details and nuances. This music will bring you a great mood and fill in the hall with beautiful sounds of Tango.

Guests of Dnipro Tango Weekend Alaturka edition in "Harmony" will have separate lockers with individual boxes, showers in case you feel hot and need refreshing from the warm embrace of your partners. Several zones will be organized in the second hall. There will be a permanent bar where you can order alcohol at reasonable prices. There will be a food zone where you can have a bite to quickly regain your strength for have time to dance with everyone. You will also have an opportunity to take pictures with friends in originally designered photo zone. So the important and memorable moments will stay not only in your memory but also will be in the photo. And professional photographers will help you with this. The second hall will also accommodate a permanent showroom for everyone who wants to update their wardrobe. And you will find a cozy and secret place too, where during the milongas there will be a comfortable room of massage where you will be helped to relax, bring your feet to life and return inspired on the dance floor.

No doubt, “Harmony” is a real place where dance fans can get a comfort, a convenience and a care that are harmoniously combined. This place is breathing of dancing! This place is alive with dancing! We sincerely invite everyone to "Harmony"! See you soon!


Camelot restaurant

A special offer from the organizers of the Dnipro Tango Weekend Alaturka edition is waiting for our event participants. We invite all of you as well as those who want to connect with us on Sunday afternoon milonga to one of the best and most stylish restaurants in our city. On July 12, we are waiting for all of you at the Camelot Restaurant.

It is located on the bank of the Dnipro River, almost in the center of the city, with convenient location, beautiful views of the river. This is a very atmospheric place which has got its unique castle architecture with forged and wooden ornaments that give the restaurant a special charm and create a corner for all visitors, where time stops. Here it is comfortable and cozy for any company where will you want to get lost in the wonderful alleys, to immerse yourself in the endless sky and to put on your minds into the gentle blue of the Dnipro River. This is the place where you will want to come back again and again to plunge back into the atmosphere of romance and to feel yourself like a respectable and dear guest.

As they say in Camelot: "Every guest here is a king or queen. The king is at the banquet of life, where you will get a sense of pleasure from everything you see and feel". So let's enjoy every moment of happiness which will certainly hug you with its sweet veil, allow you to stay away of the hustle and bustle for a while time. See you at Camelot!