Registration has started on Sunday, March 1, 2020 at 00.00.

Registration rules.

  1. All e-mails from the organizers will be send from the e-mail address: Please, enter this e-mail address in a list of proxies to avoid spamming.
  2. Package price for payment before May 1 is 50 euros (or in UAH at the rate of NBU on the day of payment), after May 1, 60 euros. Package includes 5 milongas, one of them in the restaurant, Saturday dance party (after-party), tea, coffee, water, sweets, fruits, soup and snacks (during night milongas) and treats from Turkish friends at the time Saturday night milonga.
  3. Registration is not possible for only one or two milongas, only for the package of milongas (separately you can buy milonga at the restaurant on Sunday, 12 July (the price for this milonga is 10 euros) and Sunday night milonga (15 euros), you do not need to register for these milongas, payment at the entrance).
  4. We try to have the participants of the marathon from different countries and the cities of Ukraine (that is, we will not automatically accept applications for registration of those who completed the form first).
  5. We prefer to register as a couple, but they are NOT REQUIRED. You can register as a couple and individually.
  6. Please treat with understanding if we limit the number of participants in the same sex and bring some to the waiting list.
  7. In case of registration as a couple BOTH partners must fill out the registration form and state relevant information regarding the partner.
  8. When you fill out the registration form and send it the organizers will inform you that they got it. Please note that this email is not considered a confirmation of your participation in the event. Within two weeks after getting your registration form we will inform you about the participation (with information about payment) or adding to the waiting list. The organizers do not comment on the reasons of a possible adding your application into the waiting list. If your participation is approved you must pay during 10 days, otherwise your application will be transferred in the waiting list.
  9. After receiving the payment, the organizers send a letter with the final confirmation of your participation. In case of the registration as a couple a confirmation letter is sent after receiving the payment from both participants.
  10. Paid participation in the event cannot be transferred to another person without the consent of the organizers.
  11. In case of cancellation of the participation at the initiative of the participant no refund is provided. In this case the organizers will try to help you get in touch with a specific participant from the waiting list who can compensate you for the cost of participating in the event, but we do not guarantee that we can find a replacement.
  12. Please make reservations for your trip (hotel, tickets, etc.) only after you have got a message that your payment has been received and you have been registered.

After agreement with the terms of registration you will be able to fill out a registration form.

See you at the Dnipro Tango Weekend – 2020!

- no
- I do not eat pork
- I'm a vegetarian
- I'm a vegan
- other

- by a credit card in hryvnias
- by a credit card in euros
- through the group organizer
- personally to the organizer
- another way

- as a couple
- individually

- as a leader
- as a follower