Our City

Dnipro is a city that attracts with its modernity and space. Everybody will find something special and interesting in it. If you dream of seeing a modern metropolis where life is going by day and night, but you can always stop just to have a cup of coffee by the riverside, so you'll welcome to Dnipro! This is a dynamic and lively city but it's very young because it is only 250 years old.

Dnipro is the city that fascinates guests with modern and not old architecture. There are ancient houses, churches and various historical monuments, of course, but you should go there for the modernity. Therefore, if you don't be in Dnipro, you'll should plan a trip to our city and get to know Dnipro's spirit from the inside.

The pride of the city is Dnipro's embankment, which is the longest in Europe. In the middle of the embankment a large green boulevard is decorated with a lot of sculptures, monuments, cafes and restaurants. It looks especially marvelous in the evening. You can see a magical panorama of the night Dnipro River and a view of the light-music fountain "White Swan". It really looks like a swan that turns and waves its water wings.

The most romantic place in Dnipro is the Monastyrsky Island. It is not just a large park or an area for the rest, it is also a fabulous place that covered with myths and legends. Here it is the white Church of St. Nicholas, the largest monument of Taras Shevchenko in Ukraine, the waterfall "Porih Revuchyi". It has 17 meters high and almost 20 of wide. It shimmers in the sun and falls over the rocks in the Dnipro river.

Katerynoslavsky Boulevard is the incredibly beautiful place that will definitely fascinate you. In the evening it has got a special atmosphere and European charm due to its lights of shops’ windows and street lamps. The boulevard also has got the informal name "New Arbat" and its main decorations are fountains, pavers and stone benches. There is a mysterious sculpture of Businessman on one of these benches. If you rub a cigarette of his hand, you will always have money. And if you sit on his knees it’ll be a sign for the nearest happy wedding!

If you arrive earlier or stay longer in Dnipro, you can visit Dnipro’s museums. So if you are interested in the history of our city in detail, you will visit the Dnipro’s National Historical Museum. If you prefer Art, you go to the Art Museum (a large number of unique Ukrainian icons are kept here) and the Museum of Ukrainian Art. If you are interested in the technique, you also can visit the National Aerospace Museum (it is a single museum of rocket and space technology in Ukraine) and the Time Machine Technical Museum.

Also there is the only Anti-terrorist operation’s Museum of Dnipro in Ukraine which exhibits were brought from the zone of military conflict where it continues to this day.

One more place for your attention is the Menorah Center. It is one of the largest Jewish centers in the world. It consists of seven towers and the highest one reaches 77 meters. The main goal of Menorah is to revive the Jewish community in Dnipro and in Ukraine as a whole, and to support the idea of tolerance for different nationalities. The most popular place in this center is the observation platform which is located on the seventeenth floor. It can be visited during the excursion.

Well, if you just want to take a break from the daily routine and find a quiet summer coolness among the hot summer city, you’ll welcome to our parks!

Taras Shevchenko Park, Park of Lazarus Globa, Yuriy Gagarin Park, Yacht Club "Sich" and the recently opened Recreation Park "Prybrezhnyi" are not only beautiful landscapes but they are green corners of pleasure and relaxation too!

You will find out more about these and other interesting places in Dnipro during a sightseeing tour of the city that is planned for Saturday, July 11! Join us! We hope you will love Dnipro the way we love it!