Dear friends!

Welcome to the first DNIPRO Tango Weekend Alaturka edition which will take place in the Dnipro city on 10-12 July, 2020! You will spend three wonderful summer days in one of the biggest Ukrainian cities with a large tango community.

For this first time the great Turkish and Ukrainian DJs will come to Dnipro and for three days and nights you will enjoy their fascinating tandas and incredible music. Five milongas in one of the best dance halls of the city, the afternoon milonga in a luxurious restaurant by the Dnipro river, a dance disсoparty, the treats from our Turkish friends, comfort and a lovely atmosphere, meetings with old friends and making new friends – isn’t it a good reason to join us?

We would like to implement our many years of experience in dancing, participating in tango events of different countries, as well as the experience of organizing our own events in this tango project to make the event unforgettable, enjoyable and interesting for you!

The first DNIPRO Tango Weekend Alaturka edition is:
- 160 square meters of dance space with the parquet floor
- 150-200 dancers
- separate comfortable dressing rooms
- the lounge area
- the treat from the organizers
- a lot of emotions, smiles and hugs!

The first DNIPRO Tango Weekend Alaturka edition is looking forward to meeting you!